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Pertti's Alfa Romeo 147 GTA pages

My Alfa 147 GTA

Here is some basic information on my GTA.

147 GTA
Alfa Romeo 147 GTA 2003
Time of purchase 24.3.2006
Kilometres driven 45,500 km at the time of purchase
Body colour 442 Brilliant Blue
Interior Leather interior, 551 Imola (black/natural)
  • 210 Metallic colour
  • 211 Leather interior
  • 355 Winterpaket 1 (incl. heated front seats)
  • 740 Winterpaket II (incl. window misting sensor, rain sensor and pollution sensor)
  • 718 Bose soundsystem
  • 563 CD changer
  • 712 Connect NAV+ -navigation system

More detailed info on my car and importing the car to Finland can be found here:

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